Monday, June 8, 2015

Darker Water by: Lauren Stewart


After another painful breakup, Laney Temple finally understands that love is a fairytale and sex rarely comes with a happy ending. She's too busy for it right now anyway--she has a business to run, art to create, and candy to crush. Eventually she'll be ready to switch from her plastic-or-silicon lover to a flesh-and-blood one. But before that happens, she needs to be sure she won't feel any of those annoying emotions that make her heart do things it wasn't meant to do...

Like break

Carson Bennett is completely upfront about what he wants, and it has nothing to do with Laney's heart. Her lips? Hell yeah. Other parts of her body? You better f*cking believe it. But her heart? Nope, not even a little. Until it does... a lot. But having feelings for someone isn't allowed. It's the kind of thing you're supposed to push down deep and cover up with one-night stands, sarcasm, and booze...

Like secrets

Two people want the same thing—a commitment to nothing more than great sex in a bunch of different positions. Simple. Enjoyable. A win-win. Problem is, those two people have families and fears and pain that spill into every moment of their lives, control what they do and who they are. And if either Carson or Laney can't free themselves from the past, they'll both be pulled under by it.


"It would be a mistake, you know."
"What would?"
"To fall for me."

FUNNY, SEXY, AND AMAZING! I would absolute read this novel again!

Since the first pages the characters' personalities and wittiness captivated and captured me and had me laughing so hard.  All the sexy flirting, amazing humor, and perfect chemistry that happened between both Laney and Carson

Darker Water tells the story of of Laney and Carson, two characters who are brought together by chance. When they meet their attraction is instantaneous yet both of them have a lot of baggage from their pasts to even contemplate the idea of a relationship. That's why they decide on a honest arrangement between two "friends," no strings attached, and definitely no emotions involved all with the common goal to have a great time together. Oh my, and what a time they have! The dynamic, the bantering, the honesty, and all the sizzling tension between them slowly brings them closer and closer together in more ways than they're ready for, yet, they love every second of being together and so did I!! Their chemistry was just out of this world that they kept making me laugh, swoon, fan myself, and highlight more scenes than I can count. They were just one-of-a-kind duo and I loved them for it!

“I’m new to this being-friends-with-someone-I-want–to-sleep-with thing, so you’ll have to help me out. What happens now?”

“I’m not sure. I’m new to the being-friends-with-someone-who-wants–to-sleep-with-me thing.”

“You've never had a heterosexual male friend?”

“Of course I have.”

“Then you’re not new to it. He just didn’t tell you.”

I touched my cheek as I felt it redden. “Do you think eventually I’ll stop blushing every time you say something?”

“I hope not. Would a friend tell you that your blush shows him what you’ll look like after sex? Minus the I-just-got-fucked hair.”

“No. A friend wouldn’t say that.”

“Then I think you’re going to have to do most of the talking.”

As the novel progressed, Laney' consent question was, how do you separate sex from love. More specifically, how do you not develop feelings for Carson (charming, hot, sexy, tattooed Carson). Since the beginning of the novel, Carson was completely honest about his intentions of only wanting to have sex. It was truly hilarious to also watch Laney figure all this out. She has had her heart broken so many times that she now has no belief that love exists, only sex. When the tension exploded between him and Laney he just couldn't stop the emerging feelings he sure as hell wasn't prepared to feel or want. But the feelings were there and forcing him to confront his past or otherwise he would risk losing the best thing that's ever happened to him.

“She didn't want me to be with anyone else. Just like I didn't want her to be with anyone else. Just like I didn't want anyone other than her in my bed and my mind and my life. Oh fuck. I needed to get out of this. Right now.” 

I absolutely adored the entire novel and have to recommend it to anyone and everyone who is currently reading this.