Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Court of Thorns and Roses by: Sarah J. Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses

I was thinking I was going to rate it 3 stars. It was good, really good but not mind-blowing like I was expecting. Actually it was mostly a love story that felt a bit forced and I felt like only the two main characters and Lucien were developed. We didn't get to see other Fae nor the world around, it was really focused on them. So I began to have complaints about those little things and I was going to put them in my review. But then like if the author heard me, all those little things that bothered me were erased as the author fulfilled all my requests (Can Sarah read reader's mind and know exactly what they want ?).

So that's when the story began interesting for me. A certain night everything change AND we are introduced to a new characters and it changed the whole story for me. We came from a love story to something much more threatening with a real plot, twist and awesome characterization. While I was reading I became so invested with the story and characters, I couldn't put the book down for a since minute without wanting to read more. What a ride this novel has been. 

The plot was really amazing. Like I said, I first thought the plot was poor in the beginning but it was underestimating Sarah's power of telling an awesome story. When everything began to interlock together OMG, this was amazing. All the twists and things at stake and all the evilness of the Fae world, it was just mind blowing, you could feel the tension and I was scared for the character's fate at some point almost screaming at them not to die on me then take a run in my empty house to calm my nerves (Yes I really did it and more than twice).

The only negative thing I want to say is not even a bad anymore because finally I'm glad the author gave us these moments of happiness and calmness since the last part of the book was much more tragic and tensed. But if I had to find only one thing, it's probably the pacing. I wished the pacing would have been a bit more like the 150 last pages. I mean action and characterization at the same time interlined. The first part was a bit slow but as I said now I understand why the author choose to do this, it needed to be done for the story to really come together in the end.


Pick up your copy of A Court of Thorns And Roses if you have not done so by now :)