Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Top Ten Books Set in a Boarding School

Top Ten original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. We'd love to share our lists with other bookish folks and would LOVE to see your top ten lists. For past topics and future topic schedule, click here.

This week's topic is about the top ten books in x setting. I decided to go with top ten books set in a boarding school.

Having read The Fault In Our Stars, I have high expectations for Looking for Alaska. Everyone recommends this novel to me, and I have purchased the novel, but I have not read it yet. Maybe one day I will. 

This is a book commonly read in elementary school and/or high school. I have never personally read this (since my class, at the time, read THE CHOCOLATE WAR by Robert Cormier) but have heard mixed reviews. Some people hated it well others enjoyed reading it. I guess it all depends on what you enjoy reading. 

                            3. WINGER by Andrew Smith
Another boarding school novel that I have yet to read. I don't think I ever picked this novel up because of the cover, to be truthful. 

I have always heard great things about Stephanie Perkins' novels, especially Anna and the French Kiss. I am definitely going to buy this novel soon. 

I have this book on my phone but have yet to actually read it. I seriously need to handle my TBR. 

Like I stated previously in last week's "Top Ten Tuesday", I have yet to read any Harry Potter novels (though I have official bought Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!). I can't wait to begin reading it. 

                       7. PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL by Kara Taylor
A cross between Gossip Girl and Twins Peak. With awesome ratings and reviews, this novel has to be one of the top books set in a boarding school.

I have heard such great things about this novel. However, I just never got to picking the novel up or buying it. 

                         9. A GREAT AND TERRIBLE BEAUTY by Libba Bray
I have heard things about this novel, both good and bad, throughout the years. 

                    10.  NEVER LET ME GO by Kazuo Ishiguro
Another novel I have not personally read but am intrigued by. 

Have you read any of the books above? 
If so, would you recommend them to others?
~ Aimie

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