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1 Stars: Why am I even reading this? Did not enjoy it. Would not recommend. 

2 Stars: Didn't like it and would not read it again. 

3 Stars: Liked it but it could have been better. 

4 Stars: Really enjoyed reading this. Would recommend to others. 

5 Stars: Emotionally invested in the novel and characters. I want the novel and everything related to it! Best of the BEST! Highly recommend. 

All books reviewed on I Write, You Read are personally bought by me, won in a giveaway, borrowed from a library/a friend, or received from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review. I do not sell any ARC copies, however I may choose to include them in a giveaway for promotional purposes. 

If you wish to contact me, then feel free to fill out the form located here

Review Policy
I am currently OPEN to receiving solicited Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies of books. I cannot promise to agree to every review request, nor can I guarantee to review unsolicited review copies of books sent to me. I will consider all queries and review copies sent our way. I prefer print books, audiobooks, but also accept except formats that include ePub or PDF. 

always write reviews in an honest and respectable manner. If I dislike any book I will write why I didn't enjoy it. Positive reviews are written honestly, I don't embellish my reviews to keep an author or publisher happy. Negative reviews are written in a critical and opinionated manner. My opinions are my own. 

Please take note that I cannot 100% assure you that your book will be read and reviewed in accordance to a specific time frame. If you have a certain time in mind that you wish to have your book reviewed, then please alert me of this, and I will let you know if this is possible. I will contact whomever requested a review with a link directly to the review once it has been published. 

I am more than happy to host an author for an interview, guest post or participate in blog tours. For queries, head over to the contact page to get in touch with me. 

Preferred Genres:
  • Adult
  • Adventure/Action
  • Chick Lit
  • Children
  • Christian
  • Contemporary
  • Dystopia
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery
  • Mythology
  • New Adult
  • Paranormal
  • Post Apocalyptic
  • Romance
  • Retellings
  • Science Fiction
  • Steam Punk
  • Young Adult
NO non-fiction requests please.

I am currently accepting:
  • Review Requests
  • Blog Tours
  • Cover reveals
  • Interviews
  • Giveaways
  • Excerpts

Privacy Policy
Any personal information collected on this blog is used for giveaway purposes only. I will not sell of share your information. 

Whenever possible I use either Google Docs or Rafflecopter to minimize making your information public. For those giveaways that require you to leave personal information, such as an email, in the comments area I cannot guard against others collecting your information so use caution when leaving personal information in the comments section. 

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